Banking in Oregon

States like Oregon often have a great availability of banking facilities due to the role tourism plays in the state economy. Oregon is one of the many states in the US that thrives on tourism and the ease of banking in this state is reflected in that. When banking in Oregon, it is very important that you keep a few things in mind if you plan on having a problem-free trip. These considerations deal with a few very specific things: your home currency, your home bank, and where you are visiting in Oregon. Each of these things are very important to keep in mind due to the extra loopholes or incentives they may give you.

Banking in Oregon
Your Home Currency

If you are from the United States, then you will have no problems with pulling money out of an ATM. However, people visiting from other countries sometimes have to take a few extra steps to get money. This is mostly true for people that are visiting from countries whose currency is in a state of economic flux. People in this position may find that they have to go into a bank during office hours to complete their transaction.

Out of country visitors will also find that the fees and exchange rates at different banks will vary quite a lot. You can easily go online and find the current exchange rates for any of the national banks in the state. There are also many regional and state banks that offer reasonable exchange rates. These sites will also tell you about any fees that the bank may take in return for processing your currency exchange for you.

Your Home Bank

Some large, national banks in the United States have agreements with banks in other countries to offer better exchange rates or lower service rates to their customers. When banking in Oregon, you should always know what networks you belong to. This can make your trip go much more smoothly and it can save you quite a lot of running around.

ATMs in Oregon also will have signage that indicates the various financial networks that the machine can work within. If you have a debit or credit card that belongs to a network that is covered by the machine, then you shouldn't have any issues with pulling money out. Again, you should always check out exchange rates online ahead of time.

Where You are Visiting

Larger cities like Portland, Bend, Salem, Albany, and Eugene have quite a few national banks that offer services to international visitors and other non-account holders. The same can be said for the tourist-driven areas of the coast. Florence, Coos Bay, Newport, Cannon Beach, and even Yachats are all prime coastal tourist spots that have a great availability of national banks and ATMs.

Smaller cities and towns can sometimes have less accessibility when it comes to national banks and ATMs. There are still quite a few rural areas where the stores deal solely in cash and don't take credit or debit cards. If possible, it's important that you look up ATM locations in the area you are visiting before you go.

Large Banks in Oregon

JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Key Bank, and Wells Fargo can all be easily found throughout the state of Oregon. If you are having a hard time finding an independent branch near where you are staying, you should look in large grocery stores. Stores like Fred Meyer, Safeway, and Albertsons are popular throughout Oregon and will often have a national bank branch inside. Otherwise, your best bet for finding an ATM or a large bank branch will be in the downtown area of the city you are visiting.

Banking in Oregon is Simple

Oregon is well known for being a very casual, laid back place to visit. Portland-- the largest city in Oregon-- has been consistently ranked by Forbes and other organizations as one of the most relaxed cities in America. Banking in Oregon is no different than anything else here. It is made much less stressful and much more "person-oriented" by the relaxed nature of the state. Oregon has every major banking opportunity that you would find in any other state and you should find it to be a very simple to get the money you need.

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