Oregon's famous Mt Hood
Oregon Facts and Famous People

Oregon is home to an extremely diverse population and an even more diverse natural landscape. Many famous people have called Oregon their home and it is the home to a number of regional, national, and international businesses as well. The history of Oregon is littered with a number of interesting facts and figures that paint the state in a very interesting light. These facts and figures are not limited to the gung-ho era of pioneers heading west in search of riches. In fact, there are still a large number of interesting natural, historical, and cultural things to see and do in this state.

Interesting Facts

Oregon thrives on uniqueness. This is displayed to every visitor of the state by one of the state's first ambassador's: the flag. The Oregon state flag is the only state flag in the United States to feature different images on the front and back. The front features the state shield and the year Oregon became a state. On the other side is the state animal-- the beaver.

To further identify itself as a state that prides itself on uniqueness, the state motto of Oregon is "She flies with her own wings."

Fishing is one of the most important industries in this state. State fisheries employ thousands of people in permanent full time jobs and many more in temporary seasonal jobs. One of the major tourist draws every year is the chinook salmon run. The impact of these salmon runs on the economy of Oregon lead to the chinook becoming the state fish in 1961.

Oregon produces 99% of the national hazelnut crop in the United States. They have developed a variety in Oregon that takes up less space by using a "single trunk" tree formation which can therefore allow more trees to grow on similarly sized acreage to other hazelnut trees.

Famous Oregonians

While not born in Oregon, Herbert Hoover was raised in Newburg, Oregon for most of his young life. Later, he went on to become the 31st president of the United States. Hoover's policies were considered quite humanitarian for his day and age, which has often been attributed to both his Quaker upbringing and his time spent in Oregon.

Danny Glover once called Portland his hometown and is still very politically active throughout the state. He has remained involved in Oregonian political and social activities despite now moving away from Portland.

Mason Williams was raised in Oakridge, Oregon which is just south of the city of Eugene. He is perhaps best-known for his song "Classical Gas" and he is also a highly accomplished comedic writer. Mason Williams moved back to Oakridge after his music and writing career calmed down. He still lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife.

Beverly Cleary is one of the most well-known authors in the history of child-based literature. She is best known for her "Ramona" series of books. Born in McMinnville, her family moved to Portland while she was very young. There are quite a few Pacific Northwest towns and cities that make appearances in her books.

Famous Places

Oregon is home to a large number of natural and man-made wonders that draw quite a few tourists every year. One of the most famous natural areas in Oregon is Multnomah Falls. It is the highest waterfall in Oregon and is one of the tallest in the entire United States. During the early spring, snow melt turns the towering falls into a gushing torrent of water.

Mount Hood is also a huge draw for tourists in this part of the country. Even people that don't intend on climbing the mountain can have a good time here as they traverse the expansive forest that surrounds the mountain. This is also a very popular overnight trip for travelers to Portland.

Portland is the largest city in Oregon and is a very popular destination for people looking to check out the urban wilderness. It is a very politically active city that almost always has a political rally of some sort going on. Portland also has the distinction of being called the most haunted city on the west coast. This makes it a hotspot for people looking to experience something a little spooky on their next trip.

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