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Transportation in Oregon

Oregon has a very diverse field of transportation options available for travelers and residents alike. Traveling within most cities above 150,000 residents is greatly simplified by the preponderance of public transit options. Traveling between cities or to more remote areas of the state is supported by a wide network of trains, buses, and small aircraft. If you are wondering how to get around Oregon, then you will have to consider a few different things depending on where your travels will take you.

Car Rental

There are quite a lot of car rental companies operating within Oregon. Nearly all of the national car rental agencies can be found somewhere in Portland and many of them can be found in the airport itself. It is highly recommended that you call ahead to reserve a car if you plan on going to places with larger populations such as Portland. If you are going to be visiting during a specific event, then you should call well in advance.

Taxi Services

Taxis are a widely used form of transportation in Portland and other large cities like Bend. In Portland, you will be able to hail taxis from the airport or at any major downtown area. However, smaller cities like Bend or Eugene will be very difficult to do this in. You will need to have a list of taxi services in the area that you can call to schedule a pickup. This can be very helpful if you are only visiting a small area in the city and would rarely need to use a taxi.


Oregon has a very well-established system of trains that go throughout the state. The unique topography of Oregon helps to make train travel very simple and efficient. There are larger cities on the coast that sort of linger along the shoreline. Then there is a massive swath of mountains and forests. In the mid-western part of the state is the Willamette valley. Then there is another enormous north-south tract of mountains and forests. On the other side of that is the flatter badlands where there is more access to cities. Population centers in Oregon follow fairly linear paths in comparison to other states and this makes train travel a very easy and fast alternative to driving or flying when it comes to getting around the state.


There are a few different bus lines that operate within Oregon. Some of these buses are for transportation across large distances to cities and towns far away. Other buses are used strictly for charter services to very specific destinations. You need to be clear about which type of bus you're buying a ticket for if you decide to travel by bus.

Air Travel

Air travel is a very fast way to get around the state. In some cases, it is the only way to get to places that are far off the beaten path. For example, there are many hiking and backpacking opportunities that are only really available for people that are willing to hire a bush plane to get there. There are regional airports throughout the state that provide service to a large number of regional and national air carriers.

Travel Within Cities

Transportation infrastructures within larger cities around Oregon are fairly well-developed by American standards. There is a large emphasis placed on public transit in most places around Oregon.


Portland has a large number of public transit options available. You can use the Sky Tram to get from one side of the city to another very quickly, you can take one of the many buses, or you can take the train to get through town. The train is essentially a highly-developed public rail system that services various points throughout the city. It is a very fast and simple way to get around the city.


Eugene has a very well-developed bus system that can get you anywhere you need to go in town. The Lane Transit District provides bus services and collects taxes from local businesses to help fund the District's activities. One thing that sets the Lane Transit District apart from other bus providers is that it offers a low-cost commuter bus from downtown Eugene to the McKenzie Bridge ranger station deep within the Willamette national forest. This saves you time and trouble of renting a car to get a good hike in.

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