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Not all travel agents exist to shuttle you off to faraway and distant retreats in foreign lands. There are a lot of travel agents throughout Oregon that specialize in providing vacation travel arrangements within the state itself. These travel agents are called localized agents and they can be found easily without a very difficult search. If you are looking for a travel agent in Portland, then it will also be helpful for you to look at travel agents from the surrounding areas of Beaverton, Clackamas, and Lake Oswego. If you are looking for an agent that can whisk you away to a faraway place with a cruise, then you can also find that in these cities.

Portland Travel Agents Gerhard's Bicycle Odysseys

This Portland-based travel agent specializes in bicycle tours as their major sell. They don't simply have a bunch of tours that take you to the same old locations everyone else takes you to. They offer routine or custom-built bike tour packages that can work for anyone that knows how to ride a bike. They create tours that go throughout the city of Portland and even beyond into the various scenic byways of northern Oregon. Portland is an exceptionally bike-friendly town with a very safe record for bicyclists. There is a large infrastructure of bike paths both in the road and on designated multi-use trail areas

Portland Spirit Travel

The Portland Spirit travel company is unique among Portland travel agents in that they provide unique boat-based sightseeing tours on a luxury yacht. The amount of packages they offer is very large and they go everywhere from the Portland metro area to deep into the Columbia River gorge. Portland-based travel itineraries can visit the bridges that have made Portland famous or any of a number of historic tours. The trips to the gorge can be a little more extensive, time intensive, and pricey. They even offer dinner by boat tours that take you around the city at night while you dine on the deck.

Beaverton Travel Agents Eastern Travel World

This company specializes mostly in Asian travel opportunities. They offer every type of travel package that you could imagine. One of their big selling points is the partnership that they have made with the Oregon Intercultural Association. This partnership has led to the development of their "Visiting Japan" program and it is a very popular one.

Sun Connections Travel

Sun Connections is a very popular travel agent in Beaverton for a few different reasons. The biggest two contributors to this popularity are the locations Sun Connections travels to and their famous layaway plan. This plan allows people to pay off incremental amounts toward a vacation over time. This is helpful for people with poor credit who want to go on a vacation since they won't have to use a credit card to afford the balance.

Clackamas Travel Agents Colonial Travel Agency

Colonial has been in business in Clackamas for a while now and has been recognized as the best travel agent in Clackamas. The Chamber of Commerce has labeled the travel agent as one of the best businesses in the city and this has come as the result of years of work and service on the part of Colonial Travel. Most of their products take you overseas or on cruise liners

American Dream Cruises

As the name may suggest, American Dream Cruises specializes in setting up its customers with quality cruise trips. They are known around Clackamas for having some of the best deals in town. This is especially true when you compare the prices of their "all-inclusive" cruise packages to those at other businesses in the area.

Lake Oswego Travel Agents Julies Travel Desk

This is one of the smaller, boutique firms in the area but they offer quite a large array of packages. They can even offer you itinerary suggestions for nearly any location you can imagine. This can help you save lots of time once you get to your destination.

Nova Travel

Nova is popular largely due to its online store. The online ticket finder that Nova provides has a knack for finding you the best airfare imaginable to a wide range of destinations.

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